An Incident That Changes The Life of A Character

Novel, Catch Us If You Can – An Incident That Changes The Life of A Character

Based on the novel that you have read, write about an incident that changes the life of a character in the story. Give evidence from the novel that you have studied.


In the novel „Catch Us if You Can‟ by Catherine MacPhail, an incident that changes the life of the character is the great escape that Rory and Granda undertake. Rory decided to run away from the town he lived in after taking his Granda out of the local old folks‟ home. The escape took them to many places and they met many different people who helped them on their journey. Rory learnt valuable life lessons from meeting all the different people. From the travelers, he learnt about compassion and kindness. From Rab, Annie and Norma, he learnt about people who offered help sincerely and treated them kindly. Also, Rory‟s life would never be the same again. It was because, his father turned up to help him and Granda. Finally he had a father, a stepmother and two adorable stepsisters. He had a family and that was a life-changing moment from him.

Rory was worried about his Granda earlier but then he didn‟t have to. It was because things started to fall into places for him. Certain services provided for the elderly made life better for him and Granda. The escape exposed some of the problems that the elderly and their caretakers faced in the course of their daily life.

With all the above, I believe that all those changes would not have taken place if not for the great escape.