The Character That You Dislike

Based on the novel ‘The Curse’ you have read, write about a character that you dislike. Support your answer with information from the novel.

In ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann, the character I dislike is Normala, the village gossiper.

Everyone dislikes her for spreading stories. She is called the ‘slimy cobra with a three-forked tongue’ by Siti and the ‘snake of a woman’ by Asraf. Normala happily spreads stories about Madhuri and claims that she was murdered. Normala is seen as wicked and mean by the villagers. Normala claims that she saw the body of Madhuri and that she saw white blood on her. She tells people about the bad relationship between the two sisters and adds fuel to the burning gossipy issues of the village. All these gossipy tidbits added spice and sauce to the stories that were circulating in the village.

Normala is superstitious and easily frightened by all that she sees and hears. She strongly believes that the village is cursed and that they all will suffer. At the funeral, Normala takes great pains to inform the women folk of all the goings-on in the village. Normala has a group of women hanging on to her every word and absolutely enjoys being the center of attention.

People like Normala can be irresponsible and harmful for they can be malicious with their gossipy words.