Novel Captain Nobody : Model Question + Answer (2)

2.   The following is the novel you have studied in the literature component in English language.

Captain Nobody – by Dean Pitchford

“It is important for us to learn to forgive and forget.” With close reference to the text, explain how this is portrayed by one of the characters in the novel. 

The novel I have studied is Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. After reading the novel, it is important for us to learn to forgive and forget. This is portrayed in the novel by one of the characters, Newton Newman.

Newt’s parents always have time for Chris but Newt is never jealous of him. In fact, he loves his brother very much and hero-worships him. Chris is the star of Fillmore’s Football Team. He is always in the limelight and the centre of attention even at home. Newt forgives this situation and even Chris. He understands the situation and does not blame Chris for his popularity. He even acts as the spokesperson for Chris when he is hospitalized. He gives updates on Chris to his fans. This shows that Newt is independent and has a good heart. He does not complain although he feels overshadowed by his famous football player brother. He forgives him in the situation and does not blame him for the lack of attention he is experiencing.

We know that Newton Newman loves his brother very much. He is extremely worried when his brother is in a coma. It starts with the incident from the Big Game. He manages to bring the well-deserved victory for his team but unfortunately, he falls into a coma as there are clashes of helmets during the Big Tackle. Some of them start to blame Reggie Ratner, the Merrimac High player for the incident. It is a difficult time for Newt as Chris is beloved brother. To see his brother in a coma is tough for him. He could have been mad with Reggie but he remains calm. The truth is finally revealed that it is actually Daryll Peeps who clashes his helmet against Chris during the final moment of the Big Game. Newt knows that such thing happens in sports and sometimes they are unavoidable. He forgives Daryll who causes his brother to fall into a coma. This makes Newt a person of an exceptional quality.

At home, his parents are so busy with their jobs that they hardly have time to interact with him and do not even realize they tend to overlook him. Besides, nobody takes him seriously because he is very young. When Chris goes into coma after a terrible tackle, Newt’s parents neglect him at home to look after Chris for weeks at the hospital. They do not allow him to visit Chris as he is too young, so all he can do is wait at home and worry. They seem to forget to help him prepare for one of the most important holidays of the year, Halloween. Newt, however, blends into the background without complaining.

He does not complain or resent anyone for neglecting him at any time. Such is the pathetic situation he is in but he does not complain or resent anyone for it. He forgives his parents and understand the situation they are in. He tries his level best to be a good son and carry on with life.

I strongly believe that Newt would appeal to teenagers for various reasons. He is insignificant and often-forgotten. Most people do not even know that he exists. At school, kids push him out of the way or completely ignore him. At home, his parents are too busy to focus on him especially when they have a popular son. The attention is always on Chris. Newt never bears any grudges on them. This clearly shows that when we learn to forgive and forget, we will also be able to maintain harmonious relationship amongst us and we could also avoid severe incident from happening.