Novel Captain Nobody : Model Question + Answer (3)

3.  The following is the novel you have studied in the literature component in English language.

Captain Nobody – by Dean Pitchford

Suggest an alternate ending of the novel you have studied. Support your answer with close reference to the text.


The novel I have studied is Captain Nobody written by Dean Pitchford. There are many interesting incidents in the novel. If I am given the chance to alter any parts of the story, I will choose to have an alternate ending.

The ending of the novel starts when Newt and Chris who are hospitalized come back home. After a few days home, everything goes back to normal, Mom relying on Newt about her misplaced things and Dad gets back to his busy work. If I am given the chance to have an alternative to the ending, I would choose to alter the part where everything goes back to normal after they come home when the parade is over. My ending will portray the family having a closer bond. First, they are seen together having breakfast prepared by mom or dad. Newt and Chris will be at the table happily having a conversation with mom and dad. The conversation will evolve around Newt as well. In my opinion, Mom and Dad should not get back to their normal routines after what had happened since the Big Game. Mom should become more responsible and she must not rely on Newt to find all her stuff. After what happened, she should show more appreciation towards Newt.

The same thing should also be happening to Dad. He should be portrayed as he no longer busy entertaining calls. Dad is seen announcing his new job at breakfast because his current job requires him to spend less time with his family. To show that he is grateful to Newt, should have put more focus and spend more time together with him. Besides, they have already faced too many challenges as a family. It is about time they enjoy life as a family.

The conversation at the breakfast table is no longer a hectic situation with Newt being ignored. This time mom and dad will have a conversation where Newt is given an acknowledgement. The ending will portray Newt sharing his experience in school the day before and both mom and dad and Chris, listening and joining in the conversation. He is no longer being pushed aside. As parents, mom and dad should show their care by giving their children the attention they deserve. They should not practice favouritism by only paying attention on a particular child.

That would be the ending that I would like to suggest if I am given the chance to do so. The ending will show mom and dad playing their parts as responsible and caring parents. They will be the main factor that will bind the family together. Close family bond is the major factor for happiness in life. That will definitely make the story becomes more interesting and perhaps, Captain Nobody II will be coming out soon and the telling stories of his teenage years.