A Frightful Experience

One day, as I was returning home late from school at about 7.30 p.m., I was
Dismayed to discover a group of rough-looking boys following me.

As I quickened my steps, one of them, apparently the leader, obstructed my path and ordered me to surrender to him my watch and my wallet. At first I resisted, but, when he threatened to cause me harm, I quickly handed over the items. I felt frightened and, at the same time, mad, having to part with my possessions as they were of sentimental value tome. Once they had taken possession of my properties, they laughed and made their way to a coffee shop nearby while I was left fuming by the road.

At first I wanted to report the incident to the police but, later, I decided against it and went straight home. I told my parents about it and they concluded that it was unsafe for me to walk alone. They then arranged for me to go in my neighbour's car and that solved the problem.