Report (Directed Writing)

Your school library is in a bad state and many of the students have been complaining about it. As the Secretary of your school’s Reading Club, you have been asked to write a report to the Principal to inform him about the problem and to suggest solutions. 

Include the following points in your report:

·   old books books in poor conditions
·   insufficient chairs and tables
·   media equipment is not functioning
·   inefficient and lazy librarian

You should elaborate on the points given and add any further points of your own. When writing your report you should remember:

·   that you are writing to your Principal.
·   to address him properly
·   to sign off correctly


You have to write a report, addressed to the Principal. Make sure you include all the points provided, elaborating on them through details, examples, explanations or related points. You can touch briefly on the improvements that you would like to see, but as it was not specified in the question, you should not stress on them. Note that the word limit was not mentioned so you are free to add in more material so as to gain the maximum marks that have been allocated for your points. The language used must be formal. Be sure not to use slang, contractions or conversational forms.

Sample Answer:

To: The Principal, SMK Panglima Bukit Gantang, Kerian, Perak

Poor Conditions and Services of the School Library

I am writing this report to draw your attention to the poor conditions and services of our school library.

Firstly, the collection of library books needs to be expanded and improved upon. Many of the books are so old that they are out of-date and in poor condition, with torn or missing pages.

Secondly, the seating arrangements are inadequate. Only 12 chairs have been provided in our library for a school of more than 200 students. Furthermore, many of the chairs and tables are rickety and the tabletops are all so deeply scratched that it is difficult to write on them. It would also be much more conducive to readers if some easy chairs were provided, so pupils will able to relax while reading.

Thirdly, the media equipment in the library is not functioning. As far as I know, it has been out-of-order since January last year and has not been repaired since then.

Finally the school librarians arc rude and unhelpful. To quote just one example, when asked for help in finding a book, one librarian responded, “Find it yourself. Do you think I am your mother?” Surely, librarians should be more willing to assist the students.

One of the objectives of our club is to encourage reading among the students of the school. As we realise that many of the students will have little access to good reading material apart from the school library we hope that the conditions in our library can be improved.

(Noor Aishah bt Mohamad Rasol)

School Reading Club