The Most Interesting Character

Novel, Catch Us If You Can – The Most Interesting Character

Who is the most interesting character in the novel that you have studied? Give reasons to support your answer.


In the novel „Catch Us if You Can‟ by Catherine MacPhail, I think Granda is the most interesting character in the book.

Reading through the novel, I found out that he was a caring and kind grandfather to Rory. The fact that Rory was to return the favours implies that Granda must have been a good man and good grandfather. His love for Rory is absolute. Also, Granda finds it hard to bear that Rory has to be in a home and wants to get out of hospital to take Rory home. This shows how much he cares for Rory.

Granda is also a charmer. It is because he easily compliments others especially women not only for the looks but also for their talents as he praises Ruby for her cooking. All the times he remains the perfect gentleman, like opening the door for the young mother at the clinic.

Other than that, he is quite a fascinating character. He knows a lot about films and film stars. His love for movie stars makes him even name his son and grandson after some film heroes of his time. Also, he loves singing and has no inhibitions about singing some old songs, however badly, in front of others.

With all the above, I believe that Granda must be an interesting and remarkable man.