Report (Fire in Laboratory)

A Report about a Fire in the School Science Laboratory

To: The Principal,
SMK(P) Methodist,
Jalan Tengkera,
75200 Melaka. (F1)
Explosion in the Chemistry Laboratory (F2)

Last Friday, which was the 13th of May 2011 (C12), my friend, Lucinda and I, saw a suspicious man run out of the chemistry laboratory while we were waiting for our parents to pick us up after school. The strange man was dark-skinned, possibly Indian, had black curly hair and was wearing untidy clothes which had patches on them. His hair was unkempt and messy and he had fashioned a beard (C1).

Right after he had run out of the laboratory, there was an explosion in the lab. There were no teachers around at that moment and it seemed as if my friend and I were the only witnesses to the incident. So we headed towards the lab to investigate the explosion.

When we reached the laboratory, we discovered that a terrible fire was raging inside it. We were horrified. Realising that the chemicals in the lab were probably flammable, we decided to attempt to put out the fire (C3). Lucinda grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and we hurried into the lab (C2) before the fire caused more damage. Suddenly, more explosions occured behind us (C4). We truned around, only to be greeted by a devastating sight. The explosions had caused the flames to spread near the door. We were trapped (C5) and there was no way out.

Lucinda and I frantically looked around for another escape route. We noticed the windows but they were narrow and had metal bars across the window-frames (C6) which barred them and ultimately, we could not get out that way. We were about to search for an alternative exit, but the fumes and smoke were overwhelming and we started to choke (C7). We had no other choice, so we ran to windows and broke the glass panels (C8). Then, we screamed (C9) at the top of our lungs for help. People heard our cries and gathered outside the laboratory (C10). Somebody called the fire brigade and thankfully, the fire fighters arrived in just a few short minutes. My friend and I were mercifully rescued (C11) and were extremely grateful to everyone who helped us.

Not long after, the fire fighters put out the dreadful fire and everyone was filled with relief. However, I can bet that nobody was as relieved as Lucinda and I.

Written by:
Michelle Soon (F3)
Form 4K5
SMK(P) Methodist,