The Moral Value That Has Impressed You The Most

Novel, Catch Us If You Can – The Moral Value That Has Impressed You The Most

Using the details of the novel you have studied,
•  Write about the moral value that has impressed you the most.
•  Give evidence from the text to support your answer.


In the novel „Catch Us if You Can‟ by Catherine MacPhail, I learn about compassion for fellow human beings. Many characters exhibit compassion for each other and act in a kind manner because of their compassionate nature.

Rory and Granda care for each other and there is compassion in their actions. For example, Rory cares for his grandfather‟s well-being. For instance, he makes sure his Granda takes his medicine. Moreover, he always rushes home from school to ensure Granda takes his lunch. Moreover, Rory protects his Granda from anything he considers bad, offensive or dangerous. Rory even keeps Granda‟s pipe to make sure there isn‟t any untoward incidents. Granda tries his best to help Rory and unfortunately makes mistakes, but there is still compassion. He strongly says that no grandson of his is going to a home for as long as he is around.

In addition, Dr Nicol insists that Granda and Rory get a home help. This is because he believes that Granda and Rory are not capable of taking care of each other. Val Jessup, the social worker, also shows compassion. She shows enthusiasm to help Rory and Granda. When they are on the run, Val Jessup pleads on television for Rory and Granda to come home. The police and the nurse also act compassionately towards Granda and Rory. They are affected by the dilemma of an ageing man who is so dependent on a young boy and therefore do what they think is the best.

Besides, Darren, Rory‟s close friend offers his mum‟s caravan to them because he cares for Rory and Granda. He warns them about the arrival of the police.

With all the above, I believe that we must be compassionate to people. This quality keeps us humane and make the world appear kinder and the troubles bearable.