According to the Cambridge dictionary, honesty is the quality of being truthful or being able to be trusted or the quality of not being able to steal, cheat or lie.

So, you can see what a good quality it is and how important it is for one to posses this quality.

Honesty requires one to be truthful. So it is a good quality for friends to have. Friends must be truthful to one another so that there is mutual trust. Friends must not cheat or betray one another. So-called friends who cheat or betray us are not really friends but are actually enemies in disguise.

Honesty must also be present in a marriage or the relationship will not last. Marriage partners must not cheat and have affairs with others. They must remain faithful to the one they have vowed to love in health or in sickness and during good times or bad. An honest couple have to stick through thick or thin, through heaven or through hell.

A child must also have honesty. He must be honest to his parents so that his parents will have complete trust in him. He must not do undesirable things that hurt his parents. He must act in ways that make them happy such as concentrating on his study and avoiding bad company.

        Honesty is also important in an employee. An employee must carry out his work honestly so that both his employer and he, himself, will prosper. Dishonesty at work such as not doing one's share of work properly or stealing employers' goods will harm both the firm he is working for and he, himself. Eventually the firm will have to close down and the employee lose his job.

Honesty is also important in a politician although many people think that politicians are never honest. Voters can see through a politician's falsehood and not vote for him. An honest politician stands out as a shining beacon towards whom the voters are attracted. Although many people believe that no politicians are honest, there are honest ones. And these are the ones that are elected. An honest politician is important because when he is elected and governs the country, he will not mislead, cheat or betray the people who have elected him. He will not act in his own interest but will act in the interest of the whole nation. Dishonest politicians are the cause of most of the world's troubles today.

From the foregoing, we can see how important honesty is in our lives, 
whatever we may be.