If I Were A Millionaire

If I were a millionaire, then my life would take a dramatic turn from what it is now. I would adopt the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

The first thing that I would do, if I were a millionaire, is to help my parents. My parents are poor and live in a small house. It would be a dream come true if I could buy them a bigger, better and more spacious house. They would also be able to live a life of luxury, as I would be able to hire servants to help my mother with her domestic chores. My father would finally get his well-earned break. He has been selling vegetables in the market all his life and has worked hard. If I become a millionaire, I would ask him to stop working, as he is old and needs to rest. I would not want him to die in harness.

Money is definitely a boon and can be a friend. My life would change too. I would finally be able to afford to buy better clothes and would even be able to afford some designer labels like Gucci or Channel. Furthermore, I would no longer be seen riding my motorcycle, as I would be driving a fancy car. To maintain this image would mean that I would not be able to socialize with some of my friends at the teh tarik stall. I would now have to dine at the best clubs in town and rub shoulders with only very special people.

With more money, I would definitely be able to go on holidays and see the rest of the world. I would finally be able to fulfil a long cherished dream of helping the poor. I would be able to donate to charitable organisations, not only in Malaysia but also in other countries.

Being a millionaire definitely means having more fun. It also means having a better life and seeing many of my dreams come true. Wealth and riches may not be a bad thing, as it would definitely make me a better person.