Junk Food

Junk food comes in many colours, flavours and types of packaging. Most of it contains very little nutrition.

Some are in the form of drinks and others in the form of food and snacks. The drinks are usually colorful and contain a lot of sugar. These drinks can cause diabetes and hyperactivity. Many school kids arc addicted to these drinks and this has become a big problem to our health care system.

Burgers and fries are another form of junk food that has caught on here. They originate from western countries where the lifestyles need fast and convenient food that is usually fried and coated in sauces. These types of food, which include fried chicken and beef usually have high salt content. This paired with sweet colas is a recipe for disaster. They can lead to obesity and heart disease.

Other forms of junk food arc preserved fruits. They usually come from China and arc known to contain preservatives, artificial colouring and lots of salt or sugar. These preserved snacks are linked to allergies and cancer. Some food colouring can cause asthma. Almost all junk food is linked to obesity as it is high in carbohydrate.

When we mention junk food, the doughnut is one famous example. They are usually coated, glazed and covered in chocolate, sugar and all sorts of unhealthy colourful toppings. They are not cheap either. So it is an expensive way to diabetes and obesity. Another worrying example of junk food that is widely available is candy. Candies of all colours and shapes, flavours and wrappings are found almost everywhere. They are usually cheap and sold in places where there are children and schools. These candies arc found to contain banned substances such as flavouring and colouring. Most are made from sugar and starch. Some have been banned by the Ministry of Health.

In conclusion, we must educate the public of this huge threat to our health. The younger generation must be informed of the danger and laws must be formulated to lessen the damage it causes.