Moral Values + Evidence, Opinoin (1)

Novel Captain Nobody : Moral Values + Evidence, Opinoin (1)


Newt as Captain Nobody rescues Ferocious the Ferret on the highway. He chased Ferocious amidst the busy traffic. He even waves his hand in the attempt to stop the traffic. The traffic stops and coincidentally, his action saves an airplane which landed in an emergency on the highway.

Newt gathers his courage to climb the water tower although the ladder is rusty and the tower structure is weak. He wants to help calm Reggie down. With the help his best friends, Cecil and JJ, Captain Nobody climbs the ladders to the top and slithers his way to reach Reggie. He then finds out that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank but his left foot is stuck. He managed to get Reggie’s foot which was stuck. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress as they descend the rotten ladder.

Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie lands on top of him. Newt helps to save Reggie from falling from the water tower. He is later awarded with a golden key.

Captain Nobody shows tremendous bravery by stepping into the Sullivan’s jewellery store and prevents a robbery from happening.


This incident shows Newt’s bravery. He risks his life to save Ferocious. At the same time, he saves innocent lives on board the aeroplane. If I were in the same situation, I would be afraid to run into a busy highway to chase after my pet. His action has inspired me to be courageous in facing any challenges in life. His courageous act should be admired as not many people are prepared to perform such brave act. In saving Reggie, Newt shows his bravery in conquering his own fear. He is a brave boy who has contributed to the society. His bravery is to be applauded as he takes action no matter what the consequences is.