Novel Captain Nobody : Moral Values + Evidence, Opinoin

Novel Captain Nobody : Moral Values + Evidence, Opinoin


Newt as Captain Nobody rescues Ferocious the Ferret on the highway. He chased Ferocious amidst the busy traffic. He even waves his hand in the attempt to stop the traffic. The traffic stops and coincidentally, his action saves an airplane which landed in an emergency on the highway.

Newt gathers his courage to climb the water tower although the ladder is rusty and the tower structure is weak. He wants to help calm Reggie down. With the help his best friends, Cecil and JJ, Captain Nobody climbs the ladders to the top and slithers his way to reach Reggie. He then finds out that Reggie climbs the tower to vandalise the water tank but his left foot is stuck. He managed to get Reggie’s foot which was stuck. They both end up falling from the tower into a mattress as they descend the rotten ladder.

Newt suffers a broken ankle and two broken ribs when Reggie lands on top of him. Newt helps to save Reggie from falling from the water tower. He is later awarded with a golden key.

Captain Nobody shows tremendous bravery by stepping into the Sullivan’s jewellery store and prevents a robbery from happening.


This incident shows Newt’s bravery. He risks his life to save Ferocious. At the same time, he saves innocent lives on board the aeroplane. If I were in the same situation, I would be afraid to run into a busy highway to chase after my pet. His action has inspired me to be courageous in facing any challenges in life. His courageous act should be admired as not many people are prepared to perform such brave act. In saving Reggie, Newt shows his bravery in conquering his own fear. He is a brave boy who has contributed to the society. His bravery is to be applauded as he takes action no matter what the consequences is.


Newton walks Mr Clay, the locksmith, home after his hand suddenly comes out from the pile of cardboard boxes and grabs Newt by his ankle. He recognises the person as Mr Clay. His mother always calls Mr Clay whenever she needs to duplicate keys. Mr Clay is suffering from Alzheimer. He forgets his way home when he runs out of medicine. Although Cecil is skeptical at first, Newt convinces him that Mr Clay would do no harm. So he walks the old man home. He knows where Mr Clay lives as Mr Clay always parks his cherry red van in front of his house. Mrs Clay is relieved to see her husband return home safely.


This shows that Newt is a helpful person. If I were Newt, I would do the same thing to my old neighbour if I find him wandering around. Without Newt’s action, Mr Clay would be lost and Mrs Clay would be so worried of her missing husband. His action has inspired me to be a helpful person to my family, friends and neighbours.


Newton does not let anything dampen his spirit and remains positive even though he is ignored by his schoolmates and his parents. Though he is ten years old, Newt accepts his parents’ neglect and copes with the pain of missing Chris. He does not blame or resent anyone. Even when his parents are at home, they do not spend time with him or even talk to him. Although he is sidelined by his friends at school and neglected by his workaholic parents at home, he accepts the situation without complain.


This shows that Newt is an optimistic person. If I were in the same situation, I would not be as positive as Newt. Without Newt’s optimism, he would remain sad and feel down being neglected by his own parents and his friends. His action has inspired me to be optimist in facing bad times.


Novel Captain Nobody : Model Question + Answer (1)

1.    The following is the novel studied in the literature component in English language.

Captain Nobody – by Dean Pitchford

“Determination is the key to success.” How is this shown in the novel that you have read? Support your answer with close reference to the text.



The novel that I have studied is Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. The statement “Determination is the key to success” is clearly shown in the novel by a few characters. It is undeniable that determination will help us to succeed.

Firstly, the character Newt shows high determination in order for him to succeed in helping Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. Cecil needs Captain Nobody’s help to get a big bass drum on top of a dumpster because he cannot get it down by himself. Cecil insists that Captain Nobody is the one who should climb the dumpster. Newt hesitates when he saw how high it is. It is such a big task for Newt since he is acrophobic- he has fear of heights. However, he is determined to help his best friend to fulfil Cecil’s dream of owning the bass drum. Slowly, Newt continues climbing the dumpster. This has clearly shown that his great determination has overcome his greatest fear of heights.

Secondly, the character which has shown great determination in order to succeed is Chris Newman. Prior to the Big Game, Chris has been training hard with his teammates. The Big Game has become the greatest rivalry between Fillmore High School and Merrimac High School for two consecutive years. In the first year, Chris was only the substitute player. He came in the quarter of the Finals and showed great determination to get himself a touchdown and led his team to the victory. His determination has placed him as a regular first team player for next year’s season. During the second final, which everyone is referring to the Big Game, Chris shows high determination and also inspires his teammates. During the last moment of the game, the Merrimac High manages to score a touchdown, leading the Fillmore High by a slight margin. Chris, without giving up, is determined to score a touchdown and has succeeded in doing so within the final 7 seconds of the Big Game. As a result, the Ferrets of Fillmore manage to secure another victory for that year. This has clearly shown how determination is the key to success.

Newt portrays the courage, determination and perseverance too as Captain Nobody. For example, he is supposed to look after the Ferocious, the Fillmore team’s mascot. It escapes when Reggie Ratner and his friends cause disturbance until the cage opens. It runs on to the busiest highway with four lanes of vehicles racing after it. Newt is brave and determined to catch it because he is responsible to return it safely the next day. Without thinking of his safety, Newt, runs to the middle of the highway, screaming and waving his hands to stop the vehicles. He could have been run over many times. Yet he goes after Ferocious with cars zooming dangerously close. Slowly, the traffic comes to a halt and at the moment, a passenger plane with engine problem makes an emergency landing on the freeway that is cleared of traffic. In saving shown that his determination has superseded his safety. He sacrificed his life for others.

In short, I really think that determination will lead us to success. Newt and Chris have shown determination that can be considered as heroic acts. Newt, by conquering his fear when helping Cecil and risking his life when saving Ferocious. Chris, by giving his all to make sure Fillmore wins the Big Game. They are indeed role models for teenagers like me. We should practice the value in our life so that we can achieve what we have always wanted.


Novel Darah Titik Di Semantan : Tema dan Persoalan


Novel ini bertemakan semangat Patriotisme. Datuk Bahaman dan orang-orangnya telah berjuang menentang Inggeris.


1. Kegigihan
Contoh :
Mat Lela dan Datuk Panglima Raja gigih mengajar ilmu silat kepada para perajurit Semantan.

2. Kecekalan
Contoh :
Datuk Bahaman cekal menghadapi cabaran dan dugaan sewaktu ancaman Inggeris.

3. Keberanian
Contoh :
Mat Lela yang berusia 20 an berani menghadapi ancaman musuh yang menapak di bumi Semantan.





Watak Utama


1.         Pelajar sekolah menengah.

2.         Tidak gembira pulang ke kampung datuk dan neneknya.

3.         Berpura-pura menjaga hati ibunya.

4.         Seorang yang rajin membaca - rajin membaca buku panduan pemakanan sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan.

5.         Seorang yang taat akan ibu bapa - Akur cakap orang ibu bapanya walaupun agak keberatan untuk pulang ke kampung datuknya.

6.         Seorang yang suka berkawan dan peramah – dalam masa yang singkat sahaja Lili telah menjadi kawan rapat Geetha dan Danel.

7.         Seorang yang cepat bersimpati dengan orang lain – Walaupun dikurung oleh Haziq dan Rafiq tetapi Lili cuba membantu mereka.

8.         Seorang yang prihatin - meminta bantuan Kak Hamimah supaya mengambil tindakan terhadap suami Che Jah yang melakukan jenayah keganasan rumah tangga.

9.         Seorang yang mudah mesra - Mesra dengan Danel dan sama-sama berbincang untuk pembinaan masjid baru di kampungnya itu.

Watak Sampingan

Datuk (Haji Abdul Rahman)

1.            Pakar akar kayu dan ubat tradisional.

2.            Berumur 70 tahun.

3.            Seorang yang penyayang – menyayangi Lili dan ibunya.

4.            Seorang pengamal perubatan tradisional - menjadi sumber rujukan masalah kesihatan penduduk kampung.

5.            Seorang yang berpengetahuan luas dalam perubatan tradisional - berjaya menyembuhkan Letchumi daripada sakit teruk dengan herba yang dibuat oleh datuk.

6.            Seorang yang penyabar -  datuk sabar dengan tuduhan orang kampung yang mengaitkannya dengan pemaju yang ingin membeli tanah orang kampung.

7.            Seorang yang rajin beribadat, solat, zikir dengan tasbih.

8.            Seorang yang rajin membaca kitab

9.            Seorang yang menghormati tetamu – melayani tetamu yang datang ke rumahnya dengan sopan.


1.         Anak kepada William.

2.         Seorang yang pandai berhujah - berhujah dengan berhemah supaya datuk tidak berkecil hati.

3.         Seorang yang baik hati – sering membawa buah tangan setiap kali bertandang ke rumah datuk.

4.         Akrab dengan datuk.

5.         Seorang yang suka menulis - menulis artikel tentang buah pisang di Tenom Sabah

6.         Seorang yang rajin - sering membantu nenek memasak

7.         Memasak menggunakan pisang

8.         Seorang yang berani - membantu menyelamatkan Lili yang diculik.

Nenek (Hajah Aisyan Tan Abdullah)

1.         Kurang yakin dengan ubat tradisional yang datuk sediakan.

2.         Isteri kepada datuk.

3.         Seorang yang mempercayai pantang larang (terbalikkan semua cermin untuk terbalikkan mata kilat).

4.         Seorang yang taat akan perintah Allah – nenek segera bersolat apabila masuk waktu.

5.         Seorang yang penyabar – sabar dengan kerenah orang kampung yang menuduh datuk melindungi anak-anak Che Jah.

6.         Seorang yang pandai memasak dan masakannya sering dipuji oleh Danel.


1.         Kenalan Lili dalam bas sewaktu pulang ke Terengganu

2.         Seorang yang bijak - siswa tahun pertama jurusan Kejuruteraan Awam Universiti Malaya.

3.         Anak Letchumi yang mempunyai kedai runcit dan sembuh selepas makan ubat tradisional yang disediakan oleh datuk.

4.         Seorang yang aktif dan meminati aktiviti lasak – menyertai aktiviti mendaki gunung, merunut hutan dan eksplorasi gua sejak bangku sekolah lagi.

5.         Seorang yang peramah dan mudah mesra - menjadi akrab dengan Lili walaupun baru berkenalan.

6.         Seorang yang menepati janji – menepati janji dengan membawa Lili melihat matahari terbit di jeti.

7.         Seorang yang rajin – membantu nenek memasak di dapur.