Novel Captain Nobody : Model Question + Answer (1)

1.    The following is the novel studied in the literature component in English language.

Captain Nobody – by Dean Pitchford

“Determination is the key to success.” How is this shown in the novel that you have read? Support your answer with close reference to the text.



The novel that I have studied is Captain Nobody by Dean Pitchford. The statement “Determination is the key to success” is clearly shown in the novel by a few characters. It is undeniable that determination will help us to succeed.

Firstly, the character Newt shows high determination in order for him to succeed in helping Cecil to get a big bass drum from the top of a dumpster. Cecil needs Captain Nobody’s help to get a big bass drum on top of a dumpster because he cannot get it down by himself. Cecil insists that Captain Nobody is the one who should climb the dumpster. Newt hesitates when he saw how high it is. It is such a big task for Newt since he is acrophobic- he has fear of heights. However, he is determined to help his best friend to fulfil Cecil’s dream of owning the bass drum. Slowly, Newt continues climbing the dumpster. This has clearly shown that his great determination has overcome his greatest fear of heights.

Secondly, the character which has shown great determination in order to succeed is Chris Newman. Prior to the Big Game, Chris has been training hard with his teammates. The Big Game has become the greatest rivalry between Fillmore High School and Merrimac High School for two consecutive years. In the first year, Chris was only the substitute player. He came in the quarter of the Finals and showed great determination to get himself a touchdown and led his team to the victory. His determination has placed him as a regular first team player for next year’s season. During the second final, which everyone is referring to the Big Game, Chris shows high determination and also inspires his teammates. During the last moment of the game, the Merrimac High manages to score a touchdown, leading the Fillmore High by a slight margin. Chris, without giving up, is determined to score a touchdown and has succeeded in doing so within the final 7 seconds of the Big Game. As a result, the Ferrets of Fillmore manage to secure another victory for that year. This has clearly shown how determination is the key to success.

Newt portrays the courage, determination and perseverance too as Captain Nobody. For example, he is supposed to look after the Ferocious, the Fillmore team’s mascot. It escapes when Reggie Ratner and his friends cause disturbance until the cage opens. It runs on to the busiest highway with four lanes of vehicles racing after it. Newt is brave and determined to catch it because he is responsible to return it safely the next day. Without thinking of his safety, Newt, runs to the middle of the highway, screaming and waving his hands to stop the vehicles. He could have been run over many times. Yet he goes after Ferocious with cars zooming dangerously close. Slowly, the traffic comes to a halt and at the moment, a passenger plane with engine problem makes an emergency landing on the freeway that is cleared of traffic. In saving shown that his determination has superseded his safety. He sacrificed his life for others.

In short, I really think that determination will lead us to success. Newt and Chris have shown determination that can be considered as heroic acts. Newt, by conquering his fear when helping Cecil and risking his life when saving Ferocious. Chris, by giving his all to make sure Fillmore wins the Big Game. They are indeed role models for teenagers like me. We should practice the value in our life so that we can achieve what we have always wanted.