My Life 20 Years From Now

Everyone have their own future plan for their own good. To see myself from 20 years from nowwould be a great gift, but it is indeed impossible. We got no time machine to make it happen, so we just can plan, predict and pray. I have many dreams for myself.

20 years from now.20 years from now, I would love to see myself as a success man in career. Being on the top of the particular carrier such as CEO, maybe a boss or a corporate worker; that’s what I want myself 
to be. This time my occupation is in stable, and my personal economy flows out smoothly. I am a richman right now, able to buy anything of my desires easily. That would be a perfect thing to see myown future self.

Also, I want to see myself to be a great father of my children. I am able to teach and trainthem well. Make sure they would never forget their customs, and enrich them with many moralvalues. This can be a challenge, to teach my children in these wild social problems. But, I will do whatit takes to make sure my bloods are worth to be known as human.

Furthermore, in the future I really hope I can get myself a car different from the locals here. It’s my favourite dream car, called BMW Z8 or maybe something better. There must be new models to come out at the future. This is the only chance for me, I am going to be old, so still with the localcars would be a shame to me, since it shows me that I made no improvements.

Last but not least, I want to build myself a nice home for myself and my beloved family. Thishome will hold many of our great and sweet memories together. I will decorate it with superb floralandscape for my future wife and a nice playground for my children to play with.

There are more things I want to achieve in the next 20 years, these are nothing but someexamples of many other. Hopefully I can do it well to achieve these dreams, so my desire will befulfilled while I am still alive.