Safety Tips When Going To School

Every year, hundreds of children are injured and sometimes killed in an accidents. this is because, they are neglecting the rules and regulation of roads safety. however, there are many ways to prevent from the increasing of road accidents that effectuate students. 

For those who walks to school alone, needs to be companied by the elderly. Besides, they can also walk in pairs or groups if that makes them feel more safe. Don't ever use short cuts especially through a dark and quiet place such as the back alleys. This place is dangerous for girls to pass through it.

Next, you have to be aware with your surroundings. Watch out for any suspicious person. When you smell anything fishy, immediately inform it to the security guard or straight forward to the principal.This action, sometimes can scare them away from you.

Dicipline is very important. When you are well diciplined, you will never break any rules for every place that you'll go. For an example, students who attends to school by bus. Always queue up before ascending the bus. Patience is needed,because this will prevent them from pushing other bus users whether they are boarding or alighting the bus.Thus, for them who attends to school by public or private transport are also the same.Its just that when you're waiting for your transport to fetch you up, never play on the road or joke with your friend while crossing the road. This may cause an unexpected accidents that occurs you or life of anothers.

In a nut shell, students must follow the tips mentioned.Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, you must ensure that you are always alert whenever you are to and from school so, that you will stay safe. Like all people said "safety comes first".