Character Traits + Evidence, Opinoin (2)

Novel Captain Nobody : Character Traits + Evidence, Opinoin (2)


Newton walks Mr Clay, the locksmith, home after his hand suddenly comes out from the pile of cardboard boxes and grabs Newt by his ankle. He recognises the person as Mr Clay. His mother always calls Mr Clay whenever she needs to duplicate keys. Mr Clay is suffering from Alzheimer. He forgets his way home when he runs out of medicine. Although Cecil is skeptical at first, Newt convinces him that Mr Clay would do no harm. So he walks the old man home. He knows where Mr Clay lives as Mr Clay always parks his cherry red van in front of his house. Mrs Clay is relieved to see her husband return home safely.


This shows that Newt is a helpful person. If I were Newt, I would do the same thing to my old neighbour if I find him wandering around. Without Newt’s action, Mr Clay would be lost and Mrs Clay would be so worried of her missing husband. His action has inspired me to be a helpful person to myfamily, friends and neighbours.