Novel Captain Nobody : Moral Values (Form 5 English Novel)

Novel Captain Nobody : Moral Values (Form 5 English Novel)


1.  We must respect, support and protect our beloved ones

•        In this novel, this value is portrayed by Newton, though he is only ten years old.
•        He is sensitive towards his parents’ feelings.

•        We also see this value in Chris. Even though he is busyand tired practicing for his football games, he always seem to have time to help Newton with his homework or play a quick game with him.

•        Mr Newman speaks carefully to Newton about his costume and acknowledges Capatin Nobody.

2.  We must always help those who are in need

•        Mrs Young, Newton’s teacher, discusses his situation with the Principal, Mr Toomey. She does not get angry with Newton.

•        This value is also portrayed by Newton, who tries to cheer his mother up after seeing his mother’s eyes in tears.
•        Newton is also sompassionate towards Mr Clay. He realises that man is lost and confused and makes sure he gets home safely.

•        We must be helpful to others regardless whether they are our family, friends or strangers.

•        Newt helps Cecil brings down his dream bass drum
•        JJ and Cecil also portray this value when they help Newwt with his Halloween costume

3.  We should not rely on a costume to feel confident of ourselves.

•        We must not underestimate our abilities.

•        It is important to feel good about ourselves.

•        This value is portrayed by Newton. When he wears the Captain Nobody costume, he feels strong and confident.

•        However, when he climbs up the water tower to save Reggie, instead of losing confidence and descending the ladder, Newton continues his climb and manages to help Reggie get down from the tower. This shows his courage and capabilities to others.

4.  We should not be envious of the success of others.

•        This value is portrayed by Newton, who feels happy about his brother’s success.
•        Chris, on the other hand, acknowledges that Newton is the real hero of Appleton.
•        Mr and Mrs Sullivan acknowledges their saviour who saved their lives during the robbery.

5.  We must be optimistic in life

•        We must face problems or challenges in life with hope and courage.

•        Newton does not feel sorry for himself and does not resent or blame people, even when he is neglected at home. He accepts the fact that his classmates and teachers ignore him in school and that not many know that he is Chris Newman’s brother.

•        When his brother is knocked down into a coma during the Big Game, he fills his mind with positive thoughts that Chris will be alright.

•        When his mother forgets to dry the laundry, Newton wears his Captain Nobody costume to school, though he knows his friends or teachers might laugh at him.

•        Although Newton, Cecil and JJ are ignored in school, they respond positively to this situation.

•        Chris and his teammates shows optimism in winning the Big Game although at times the opponent is leading

6.  We must be brave.

•        Newt has acrophobia. At first, he hesitated to climb the Dumpster to get the bass drum. But when disguised as Captain Nobody, he felt more confident.

•        He managed to help Cecil.