Novel Captain Nobody : Themes (Form 5 English Novel)

Novel Captain Nobody : Themes (Form 5 English Novel)


1.  Family Love

•        Newt loves his family members although sometimes he does not get the attention he deserves. He makes breakfast for them every day.

•        Newt, together with Mom and Dad, would attend and give support in every game that Chris is Playing

•        Mom and Dad are willing waiting for Chris to wake up from his coma
•        Chris loves his brother as they would share jokes when they meet each other
•        Newt always wakes his brother up when he oversleeps.

•        He is proud of Chris’s success.
•        He is worried about Chris when Chris is hospitalised. He is eager to be with Chris at the hospital
•        Chris shows his love to his brother by letting him lead the Victory Parade

2.  Determination in one's life

•                   Chris and his teammates shows high level of determination to win the Big Game although their opponents are leading at crucial part of the game
•                    Newt is determined to stop the traffic on the highways despite the dangerous situation he
is facing so that he could get Ferocious the Ferret back into its cage
•                    Cecil is determined to get the big bass drum that is thrown away even he has to seek the help of Captain Nobody
•                   JJ shows her determination to correct other people's mistakes by stepping into Sullivan's store and talks to the owners

3. Helping those in need

•                    Newt would remind Mom about important events and help his mother to find her misplaced belongings
•                    Captain Nobody helps Mr. Clay to find his way back home after getting lost at the Dumpster
•                    Captain Nobody talks to the Sullivan couple after JJ asks for his favour and it turns out he saves the sore owners' lives from an armed robbery

4. Dealing with identity crisis

•                   Although the creation of Captain Nobody was unintentional, Newt gained much confidence and courage when he was in the costume
•                    Mrs.Young, the class teacher, showed great concern for Newt and brought up the matter to the principal, who was later joined by the school counsellor and nurse
•                    Newt reasoned out with his concerned Dad, who came home and talked to him, after the school had informed Dad about Captain Nobody
•                    When Newt was finally recognized and got the attention he deserved from the local community including his family, he reverted to becoming Newton Newman once again

5. Optimism

•                    Although he was just 10-year-old kid, Newt was full of optimism
•                   After knowing that Chris only had 6 days to wake up, he was still confident that one day his brother would recover from coma
•                    Cecil felt that they going to have a joyful Halloween celebration after coming out with the idea of creating their own costumes

6.  Self-discovery

•        As a boy who is small and scrawny in size, Newton is often ignored by his parents and schoolmates.

•        When Newton uses Captain Nobody costume for the first time, he feels that he is somebody new, somebody he himself has not met yet.

•        Newton feels strong and confident when wearing the Captain Nobody costume.

•        He is able to overcome his fear of heights when he helps Cecil to bring down a discarded drum from a huge dumpster. He helps Mr Clay finds his way home, foils a robbery at a jewellery store, save a ferret and averts a plane tragedy.

•        Slowly, Newton begins to uncover his hidden capabilities and transforms into a hero who stands up for all quiet kids and children that people tend to forget about.

•        Eventually Newton manages to climb up the tallest structure in Appleton and save Reggie Partner, without assuming the identity of Captain Nobody.

7.  Responsibility

•        As a 10 year old boy, Newton takes the responsibility of making breakfast for his family

•        Newton would open Chris’s bedroom door and shout, “Hot the showers!” whenever Chris oversleeps.

•        He risks his life and tries to rescue Ferocious.

•        When Reggie Ratner is on the roof of the Appleton water tower, and people think that he is commiting suicide.

•        He decides to climb up the water tower to convince Reggie to change his mind.