When I was young, I was very active and always got into trouble.  Almost every day, I returned home from the kindergarten with dirty pants and shoes.

One day, during kindergarten playtime, I had a slight stomachache. At first I ignored it. I continued climbing a tree. The pain in my stomach became worse. I let go of the branch and fell to the ground. I clutched my stomach and groaned in pain. The teacher thought I was hurt by the fall.

The teacher informed my parents about it. I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor started to check for broken bones but there were none. Then the doctor pressed my abdomen. I screamed. My parents were told that I had appendicitis and not broken bones. I had to go for an immediate operation.

When I woke up the next day, I was relieved that the terrible pain was gone. My grandparents and relatives came to visit me. I enjoyed the attention and was discharged two days later.

My parents told me that the incident gave them the greatest scare of their lives. That is the incident that I will never forget.