I could still remember a terrifying experience. It was 10 o’clock at night. I was standing at the bus stop to catch a bus home. Then, I saw two men entering a shop. They  looked suspicious.

Suddenly, I heard a woman shouting, “Help! Help!” I looked around in that direction and saw one of them - a big-sized man held up a woman with a knife at her neck. He was trying to rob her of her gold chain and cash.

I quickly hid behind a big tree and saw all that was happening. The two men were threatening the poor lady. She was crying and pleading for help.

I raced to the nearest telephone booth and called the police. Just as I was putting down the phone, I saw two policemen on patrol. I told them what was happening.

Immediately, they rushed to where the lady was. The robbers saw the police and took to their heels in different directions. The policemen chased them and managed to catch one of them.

After a while, I heard a siren. The police car was chasing the other robber. Finally, the second robber was also caught.

The lady thanked me and the police congratulated me.  They also praised me for my bravery and quick action.