The Person I Admire Most

          I have a wonderful sister. Her name is Joanne Ai Ling. I admire her a lot. I would like to describe her appearance, personality, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

          First and foremost, I would like to describe her appearance. She has long black hair. She wears a pair of spectacles because she is short-sighted. She has worn glasses since she was in Standard Three.

I really like  her personality. She is a unique person. She is very helpful. She always helps me to complete my homework, especially Mathematics. She never gets upset because she is a cheerful person. Everyone likes her.

           She and I share the same hobbies, which are watching TV programmes and surfing the Internet. She likes to watch Korean dramas and reality TV shows. She always surfs the Internet during her free time and she knows what happens all around the world.

          She has some likes. One thing that she really likes is eating. She loves eating pizza, burger and chicken rice. She also likes watching reality TV shows, for example Akademi Fantasia and Fear Factor.

 She also has her dislikes. She dislikes the durian because its smell is strong and stinky. She also dislikes reptiles like snakes

          Based on the above reasons, I admire my sister so much. I always pray that she will succeed in her life. She is a great sister.